Friday, December 24, 2010

Chrysalis: An Urban Web Series

Day 4: Principal Photography Final Shoot Day
Today involved the most complicated action sequences, including a big gunfight in the middle of Mosher Street. In the pouring rain.
Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine (who I’ve known since he was a baby) we shot a robbery/shoot out in a tiny rowhouse apartment in the heart of West Baltimore’s drug district. AND, a major gunfight involving six different actors, two cars, and one monster truck-style, tricked out Chevy Suburban.
We lost a lot of blood. Literally. The rain kept washing away the blood off of my actors and their gunshot wounds.
But, thanks to a superb make up artist, a talented DP, and the patience of neighbors and the local Police Department, we shot an amazing gunfight scene in the pouring rain.
The cast and crew really did a great job. We spent our final day in West Baltimore, and culminated a 4-day shoot with good cheer and a few hilarious, behind-the-scenes moments not sufficient for work. :) (Well, your work anyway. LOL.)
Well done, good people. Well done.