Thursday, February 28, 2008

Purpose. Got some?

Are you awake at the wheel? Or on auto-pilot? Do you have a plan in The Grand Design? What is your purpose?

I've concluded that there are WAY too many people asleep at the wheel that steers their lives. Occasionally, I fall into the same dysfunctional pattern of hamster-wheel-living that so many people around me seem to have made their blueprint for life. But, then, at that point, I GOT TO GET AWAY.

I like to live a purpose-driven life. Choices are important. Life is like chess. I haven't mastered chess, but, I doubt I'll ever master life, either.

I decided to start this blog, because all my life I've felt that I have a major purpose.

Wait, blog... major purpose... I know. You're probably thinking, "What does a blog have to do with a major purpose in life?"

Well, every move I make has at least three moves ahead planned into it. And, this move has to do with my film business. And, my film business has to do with my making an impact on the world. So, I started this blog because I've always felt that I have a major purpose in life, and part of that is to make a major impact on the world.

Ever since my earliest memory (which happens to be brushing my teeth with my father when I was maybe 2 years old) I've been living my life with a plan to make an impact on the world before my time is up. Suffice to say that my plans and practices have grown more sophisticated as time has passed, and as I've experienced life. However, the core concept remains: Live a Purpose-Driven Life.

So, this is my introduction to readers. Nice to meet you. My name is Purpose. What's yours? :)

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