Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Ordinary Love

What is LOVE really?

Damned if I know!

Wait, I think I have an idea. It can mean so many things...

I LOVE the way God takes care of me. He LOVES me unconditionally.

I LOVE my Mommy. She is the only human being that I put before all others, except God.

I LOVE my children, and the LOVE they have for me is immeasureable.

I LOVE my puppy, Sugar. She LOVES me unconditionally, even when I don't take her for a walk when she whimpers at me through the screen door.

I understand LOVE to be something that comes from surrender. I mean, I surrender my will to God's. I trust that my faith in Him is sufficient for me, and He provides all I need.

Love is not something to be bargained. It must be given freely. And, in turn, it will be received. The more you give, the more you receive.

Love is a gift. You can't buy it, though.

Love is something of which this world needs a whole lot more.

Spread the love.

Give love.

Be love.

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