Sunday, March 2, 2008

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show

If you watched the Oscars, you're probably wondering like me what happened to the movies about people who are NOT white, Anglo-Saxon, of European descent, or whatever you want to call it. (Or, you probably didn't even notice.)

OK, so Norbit did get a nomination. But WHY?

So what if Eddie Murphy can act a fool as 12 different characters using the latest technological advances in make-up and special effects!

I really would like to see a quality film about people who look like me. Not that good, old-fashioned, buffoonery gone the way of the Beta-Max, VHS, and HD-DVD...

Oops, my bad. That's my wishful thinking.

I'm tired of the low-rate, dance movie, family reunion comedy, homeboy heist movies that Hollywood seems to like to churn out to make a fast buck at the expense of the dignity of Black people.

Somebody put Bamboozled, on the T.V. so the audiences can wake up!

No, never mind.
I'm afraid of how many people may just not get it...

Well, it appears that audiences are eating it up at the theaters, otherwise studios wouldn't be making such twaddle. A cavalcade of performances from buffoon after buffoon. I'm starting to think that's what America thinks of us: neck-snappin' sistas and their good-for-nothing, sit-on-his ass, churl of a baby-daddy.

And, don't think I didn't notice that a superbly created film called American Gangster got snubbed.

This consistent marginalization of people of color, and their stories, (REAL STORIES) will not continue forever. I'm making my moves. I'm planning some change. And, with God's help I will succeed, because "one monkey don't stop no show."

"It's been a long, long time coming.
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will..."
~Sam Cooke

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Muslimah Scholar said...

Right on Sista RMF! InshAllah, our time is coming soon. But I do think it's interesting to note that although Denzel played the mess outta that role in American Gangster, the whole concept was in my opinion falling into another too often scene issue when it comes to "Black Stories", the glamorization of violence, or violent characters. Afterall, that is what Denzel won one of his Oscars for. Now the Great Debaters, that was in my opinion another huge snap in the face, along the Malcolm X proportions.

But InshAllah, by this time next year, a film by two African American Muslimahs that I know (tu y yo) will be up there making us forget that there ever was an absence.

Salaam Sis